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A Message from Jupiter Jones

Red Gate Rover, come over, come over. The bird's on the wing and the case is the thing. The path will be narrow so follow the arrow.

Welcome to the new community for discussion of the peerless Three Investigators detective stories, created by Robert Arthur and featuring:

  • First Investigator - Jupiter Jones
  • Second Investigator - Pete Crenshaw
  • Records & Research - Bob Andrews

and not forgetting their illustrious patron Alfred Hitchcock!
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thanks for starting this new community!


June 14 2007, 23:19:48 UTC 10 years ago

I second the above. :) Thanks so much, all over again. =) I'm very relieved.
^ LOL, that was me.
So sorry, folks! *embarrassed*

I'm still trying to navigate and learn the very large, and rather confusing, Live Journal site. I'm afraid I just now figured out how to view the 3_Investigators community itself, and so was unaware before today that it had been closed.

I'm so glad to see that this one has been created in its place, and I look forward to informative and interesting discussions about our favorite boys. In the meantime, I will continue to update my own fan fiction novel weekly in my journal. All previous chapters can be found here at: